Try using an independent insurance agent.

Today we compete with many different competitors. One of the biggest, especially related to younger drivers is online competition. Most of the time the users don't really know the difference between the service models. One of the big factors is that most (in Nevada seems like all) online direct insurance companies must place a claim. Even it's a small fender bender. In this instance it is great to have an independent insurance agent because they can advise you on the best course of action based on your unique set of circumstances.

The main thing to know is that many companies have a direct option (example: and an independent agent option (example: If you choose an independent agent you can truly have the best of both options. Most of the time your independent agent can even offer lower prices. Especially if you shop 8 to 10 days (advanced quote discount). An experienced independent agent can "stack" every discount you qualify for, and that is how they compete with the direct online competitors.

Tip: if you have tired of talking to different people every time you call your insurance company, try using an independent insurance agent.

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