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Today's Daily Running Streak Day: 5,223, picture and statistics.

  Had a very scenic run up a hardly used trail to about 6500 feet elevation. Some snow, the real challenge was this route is steep. It was a wonderful day and run. Miles: 6.70      Elevation gain: 1,883 feet     Time: 2h 6m Achievements: Local Legend on Segment 18

Today's Hunter Lake mountain trail run to 6595 feet plus, capture. Plus previously taken selfie. 😁

  Previously taken selfie at Hunter Lake this month. Today's mountain trail run picture on Hunter Lake Trail.

Why purchase your insurance from an Independent Insurance agent? Discover what happens when you place a claim.

To us, the primary reason to utilize an independent agent is to be able to discuss claims, without placing a claim. In many circumstances IF you don't have a dedicated independent insurance agent, they can give you advice with out legally having to place a claim. Like most direct insurance company relationships (notice when you call these companies), you are normally talking with a different person, each time you call. When you have a dedicated independent insurance agent on your side, you don't have these limitations. Always remember that the reason you buy an insurance policy is because you may have to place a claim. Because of this fact, you may want to buy from an independent insurance agent.

Check out my new work website!

 We went live with our new website ( Ardent Insurance Inc ) on 01/18/2022. Check it out!