Is fitness your best insurance policy?


Kevin Brunson @ Reno UFC Gym

On June 8th, 2021, the Reno Gazette Journal published an online article for subscribers only about my 5,000th daily running streak milestone which occurred on June 13, 20201.

The benefit of the article is I feel like it’s been a coming out moment for me and it has blessed me with the opportunity to share my fitness philosophy.

I have a similar story of many runners I have had the privilege to run with in the Greater Reno Nevada running community. I was recruited for the Swope junior high school after doing well in the mandatory one mile run for physical education class. I started running in 5th grade for two reasons. One my mouth often wrote checks my body couldn’t cash. Thus, I was always the smallest boy in my class until about 10th grade. Even then I was painfully thin, so I was no match for some of the larger boys. Secondly a friends dad told me the best way to become a better downhill snow skier was to run.

I was excited to run cross country, although I had no idea how painful it was going to be. Because of this I understand why running is not loved by most of the population. Plus, the fact that running was the punishment for every other sport.

Fast forward to me sitting at a desk at age 39. I was in a lot of lunch dinner, type meetings, so I was eating caloric foods, and not exercising. I was wondering what to do about, when I discovered a book at the library, that stated to find exercise that you love to do as a child and lost the passion. The book suggested that IF you regain the passion then boom your participating in an activity you enjoy.

Just like that I was back to consistent running and fortunately, two plus decades later I’m still enjoying the running journey. So back to the title of this post. I believe that most of us want to move but have either had a bad experience with exercise or just don’t know how to get started. After you start, how do you stay consistent?

What if you don’t have to exercise to burn calories that allow you to eat pie with your dinner without worry about weight gain.

For me it’s to move. For people able to walk, this should be your go to movement. If you’re like me, I love to dance, and I’ve been involved in dance as a hobby since I was four years. My dad allowed me to dance if I didn’t do it public (LOL). He was embarrassed by my hip gyrations.

So back to walking. I started walking as a cool down after my runs two decades ago. But today I find almost any excuse to walk. Its low impact, the activity allows me to move with sweating profusely on cool days and you do not have to have special equipment.

The big secret about movement habits, is once they become part of your routing, hopefully you won’t think about it. Just do it!

To me the big challenge with not moving is thinking about it. If you change to doing things you enjoy, hopefully you will change your personal paradigm. From dreading to move, to I can’t wait to go see so and so. Go hiking, visit a local park, walk to the bank, to get your morning coffee.

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