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Race Against Time Important Things to Pack Before Abandoning Home

The Running Insurance Agent

As I have evolved as an insurance agent, it has been apparent to me that you need a natural market. A specific community that you relate with personally. For me since October 1999, that community has been the running community. As an consistent and avid runner it has become a lifestyle for me. When I read for pleasure my first impulse is to read about running. Right know my main focus is the 13.1 mile race, commonly called a half marathon. I prefer 13.1 miles, because mentally and physically I'm competing in a full race. Not in half of one. The race distance, is not really important, however, what is important is the bigger running community. This is all the people that embrace running as exercise, competition, recreation, and/or as a lifestyle. For me the running industry and the insurance industry are both very important. That is why my natural market is the running community.

Auto Insurance Quote link

If you desire an automobile insurance quote from a Trusted Choice, independent insurance agency, located in Reno, Nevada please click on link.  Reno, Nevada automobile insurance quote.

About Trusted Choice of which Ardent Insurance is a member.

About Trusted Choice® is the national brand created exclusively for members of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, to help consumers understand the value of an independent insurance agent. Trusted Choice® insurance agents are independent agents representing multiple insurance companies who can offer consumers a variety of coverage choices to help them customize a plan that provides the protection consumers need. enables a “one-stop-shop” online insurance shopping experience. Consumers receive multiple, real-time personal lines rate quotes from a number of insurance companies and can then connect with a local independent agent for ongoing service. is operated by Consumer Agent Portal, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company formed in 2011. The Trusted Choice brand is supported by many  insurance partners . 

Reno DMV has launched virtual lines - see link below.

Progressive Snapshop Automobile Insurance discount.

Ardent Insurance is now able to offer the Progressive Snapshot discount to it's clients. This is a merit based discount that can save safe drivers money on their automobile insurance. If you are always going out of your way to be a safe driver, the Snapshot discount may be right for you. Call us at 775-284-8200 if your are interested in the Progressive Snapshot discount!

Readers ask: Can Medicaid Lean Assets Upon Death? Answer: "Yes it Can."

Please see article posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal on February 8, 2014: