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On the trail 🏔️🏃‍♂️... picture taken from Hidden Valley Regional Park - Mount Rose - above the fog!

  Strava run: Streak Day: 5,191 Miles: 6.22 Elevation gain: 1,548 feet Time: 1h 42m. Conditions: Mostly in the dark; snow, ice, and frozen trail.

Running Streak and 2021 Strava Statistics

  Daily running streak since 10/06/2007 total miles: 30,503.00/5185 (RSD)= 5.88 daily miles run on average. 2021 Strava Statistics to 12/15/2021: Total runs:          385 Time:                    652h 37m Distance:              2803 miles Elev Gain:             655,515 feet 176th on Active Streak List @ This journey has been a miracle for me... time to connect with nature and myself. ⛰️🏃‍♂️👊🙌😎

Lessons learned after reflection in yesterdays Run With Rudolph Trail Run - 8 plus miler.

1) Pacing at the start was one of my best effort’s. A group of runners started fast, and I focused on acclimating to a faster pace first, and then started the process of passing fading runners. 2) I was working hard, and I felt I could sustain the pace about 20 to 30 minutes in, which gave me confidence to keep pushing my pace. 3) After climbing, my transition to downhill running felt controlled, which was one of my goals. 4) This all changed when I took a wrong turn. Once I discovered my error, my first reaction was to comfortably cruise in. Thankfully, I decided to go into “crush it” mode (3 C’s - comfortable, controlled, crush it). 5) Fortunately I was able to maintain a decent pace, and was staying ahead of runners I passed for the second time. 6) After pushing the final climb, I was running at full speed to the finish line, partly because I could hear runners behind me, and my desire to finish strong. 7). My primary take away is to show up earlier on race day, and scout the course