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Is fitness your best insurance policy?

  Kevin Brunson @ Reno UFC Gym On June 8 th , 2021, the Reno Gazette Journal published an online article for subscribers only about my 5,000 th daily running streak milestone which occurred on June 13, 20201. The benefit of the article is I feel like it’s been a coming out moment for me and it has blessed me with the opportunity to share my fitness philosophy. I have a similar story of many runners I have had the privilege to run with in the Greater Reno Nevada running community. I was recruited for the Swope junior high school after doing well in the mandatory one mile run for physical education class. I started running in 5 th grade for two reasons. One my mouth often wrote checks my body couldn’t cash. Thus, I was always the smallest boy in my class until about 10 th grade. Even then I was painfully thin, so I was no match for some of the larger boys. Secondly a friends dad told me the best way to become a better downhill snow skier was to run. I was excited to run cross co

What is collision coverage?

What is collision coverage? Collision coverage helps pay for the cost of repairs to your vehicle if it's hit by another vehicle. It may also help with the cost of repairs if you hit another vehicle or object. That means you can use it whether you're at fault or not. Unlike some coverages, you don't select a limit for collision. The most it will pay is based on the actual cash value of your vehicle. You will be responsible for paying your selected deductible. If you are driving and impact a tree, pole, building, vehicle this type of accident is considered a collision, and thus your collision deductible is important. The larger the deductible the less expensive, however, if you rarely have that amount on hand, it may be better to pay extra for a lower deductible. If an accident happens, you want to be able to fix your vehicle as soon as possible. The best way for this to happen if you can afford the deductible. After you discuss your collision with your independent insu

Strava: Morning run photo... taken on the trail above the Fleish, Nevada power plant.

On the trail - above Fleish, Nevada Power Plant 

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