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Insurance Review

One advantage a professional insurance agency has is they can offer their clients an insurance review. For instance regarding auto insurance, before shopping for a "new" insurance company it may be smarter to review your existing insurance. Many times because of past driving record challenges and or accidents it may be better to stay with your current company and adjust coverages. Customers that purchase their insurance from online companies may not have the option to sit down and have their insurance reviewed. If you do have an agent to call, maybe its smart to make the call. Times are tough and many of us have to decrease our expenses. Maybe an insurance review is the answer. In hard economic times having a professional insurance agent you can call for an insurance review may be the right solution.

Man Arrested For Not Having Proof of Insurance Cut and Paste for article.

Nevada's Seat Belt Law

Nevada’s law is a secondary enforcement law meaning that a vehicle cannot be stopped and cited solely for the occupants not wearing a seat belt; an offense other than failure to wear a seat belt is necessary to stop the vehicle. For more information, check out:

Stand Alone Earthquake Insurance Policy

Is everything around you shaking. Maybe it's another earthquake. If you live near Reno, Nevada we have been experiencing multiple quakes and primary epicenter is the Verdi/Mogul area. Most homeowners insurance owners have the ability to add earthquake insurance to their existing homeowners policy. If this is not an option, many independent insurance agencies (including ours) offers a stand alone earthquake insurance policy. In some cases these policies may even be less expensive than what your existing homeowners insurance carrier is offering. Especially if you plan to keep the policy for multiple years, because most stand alone earthquake policies do charge a policy fee and a dwelling inspection fee. The bottom line is if you do desire an earthquake insurance policy and your current homeowners insurance carrier will not bind coverage, you have the option of purchasing a stand alone insurance policy.

Should you buy earthquake insurance?

The link to the following article was written by an UNR Professor. Link: Please cut and paste the above link to view.

Is it time for Nevada to have a "Big One"

If your interested in a recent article regarding the possibility of a major earthquake in Nevada, cut and paste to read the link below. Reno Gazette-Journal article link:

Averagely Envoweled

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