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Being fit is your best insurance for a quality life!

One of my favorite sayings is, I would rather receive a great value than a cheap price. What this means to me, is sometimes when you have to put a lot of effort to achieve something it is worth the sweat. So, if your investing a lot of time into exercise and a supporting diet, then the payoff is a higher quality of life. Thus, hard work in the gym is the premium (i.e. paying for insurance) for a fit body and a quality life is the payoff (claim)!

Advance quote discount.

I've discussed the concept of the advance quote discount in previous posts. I wanted to take the opportunity to cover this concept exclusively. Bottom line: if you don't allow 8 to 10 days before you NEED insurance you are paying too much! What's unique about the advance quote discount (sold by most most independent insurance companies) is that the discount continues on renewal in most cases. So if you receive a 5 percent discount for the first six months the discount will also follow you on future renewals as long as you stay with this carrier (without a lapse in coverage). In addition, many insurance companies tier certain risk exposures. Tiered insurance policies: most insurance companies tier their policies initially to be more competitive for the markets (risk exposures) they are attempting to attract. Many times insurance companies not only give an upfront discount but in many cases they'll give the consumer a better tier rating. Especially if the insurance