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Rules I follow to keep my daily running streak active.

  My rules for running every day (at least one mile). 1. Take stride mechanics seriously. 1a. Athletic posture, and hip to glutes focus. 1b. Feet are your foundation. 1c. Always find new ways to run injury free. 2. After hard days, make sure you have moderate, and easy effort days. 3. Obtain appropriate sleep, and rest so your body can properly recover. 4. Take advantage of the minimum mile run. I’m not a fan of changing the minimum to a higher number. If your sick or have an injury you can run through, run an easy mile (no watch). 5. Utilize sustainable, and healthy food choices. 5a. Consistent hydration. 6. Make it easy to get out of the door daily. 7. Iterate. Note: Running daily is obviously an unusual goal. It’s definitely not for everyone. My reason for starting a consecutive daily running streak was to have a positive physical outlet, and I enjoyed running as a child. Any type of movement streak can be fun! Be creative and design a routine that serves you. I hope this post is he

Good Fitness Habits Reduce Your Medical Costs As You Age.

It may seem like common sense. The reality is that unless you make exercise and eating a balanced diet a regular habit you won't see the long term benefits.  We become a combination of our good, and bad habits as we age. Once we commit to a healthy fitness and dietary regimen over an extended period of time (let's say one year as a starting point), then that is when you will start reaping the benefits. So, go for a walk, run, or jog. Join a gym or create your personal home gym. I read the book: "You are your own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises" by Mark Lauren, and I found it helpful. It is my hope that you either continue your current fitness plan or you start a new movement plan today!

On the trail, steep downhill mountain trail running tips. By Kevin Brunson, mountain trail runner, resides in Reno Nevada.

 Some quick tips for running down steep, rocky, and unstable mountain trails: Always focus your eyes on the next step (footing). Try shortening your stride and focusing on short quick steps. Attempt to keep your body position facing down the hill. Utilize a side to side step stride rhythm when running down slick terrain. Practice these skills by starting on moderately steep trails, and increasing the grade as you gain expertise. Invest in some mountain trail running shoes that support your trail running goals. I am hopeful that these tips will be of help to you on your mountain trail running journey. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

One of the least discussed benefits of mountain trail running is proprioception.

Proprioception is a noun (Physiology): perception governed by proprioceptors, as awareness of the position on one's body. I started researching proprioception, after reading an article regarding the physiological benefits gained by the activity of mountain trail running. I've have an active daily running streak, that started on October 6th, 2007. Running every day has allowed me the opportunity to invest a lot of time and energy into perfecting my stride mechanics. My running style is unique to me. However, because I run everyday it has been important to repeat movements that allow me to run injury free. What's interesting about mountain trail running is that I have taken more falls in the last year, then at any other time during by almost 14 years running streak. What is interesting is I have learned to fall without serious injury by constantly focusing on the best possible foot placement. Plus in trail running there is normally a grade involved, and I'm running on dir

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