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Trail running - mental resilience.

One of the traits my mentor Fred Zalokar (RIP) demonstrated to me was being mentally resilient. In the mountains, I've learned to have a warrior mentality, and my mission is to meet any challenge with the confidence that I will prevail. Because I learned this trait two decades ago, it’s part of my natural being. The only way I know to strengthen this trait is to follow through in training/races. For example; if I plan a 20-mile run then I have an obligation to myself to complete the distance. If it's an ultra event, I'll do everything in my power to finish. If I were to get in the habit of modifying my runs because it becomes more difficult than anticipated, then I will weaken my resolve when a true test arises.  Enjoy the journey, and fight to stay active. ⛰🏃🏻🐐