Exercise is the best insurance policy!

Recently I posted about running as the best policy for positive health. There is a caveat to my last post. The reason I decided to pursue running is because I enjoyed to run as a youth.  I ran cross country in grades 7-10. So for me, running became the obvious choice because I love to run.

I believe one of the most important decisions people can make is how they spend (invest) their free time. That is why I believe that the most important exercise decision you make is to pick an activity that doesn't feel like exercise. Another words pick something that does not feel like a chore.  It can be any sport, such as tennis, racquetball, basketball, and soccer etc.  Or it can be an activity like hiking, walking, biking (indoor or outdoor), snow shoeing, and of course running (etc.). Use your imagination.

Thus, it is my feeling that it really does not matter what you do. My best advise to my sedentary friends that are thinking to make a change. Just start moving, and let your future exercise habit take root naturally.

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