Is in-flight theft, on the rise?

In a tough economy there are more people attempting to steal your high-value personal items. It is easy for criminals to spot items if passengers take things out in the full view of the isle, and then put them away in overhead compartments. Thieves take opportunities during the flight while passengers are sleeping or away from their seats (especially during trans-continental or red-eye flights). Criminals seize opportunities to remove items that they can get quickly, from overhead bins, and then casually disembark the plane with your valuables.

Personal items such as lap tops, electronics, designer bags, expensive jackets, cameras, passports, etc., should be kept at your feet during a flight. If you have items they must put in the overhead compartment, place them in larger locking case or bag. It is important that you have a strategy before air travel to protect yourself from theft. Check your bags before you leave the plane and report missing items immediately. Your chances of recovery are much better than if you report the loss once you have left the plane or the airport.

From an insurance standpoint many of these items may cost enough to matter, let’s say $400.00 to replace. But are less than your deductible on your homeowners or renters policy. As insurance agents we typically hear about these items after the loss, but the best time to think about protecting your personal items is before someone as the chance to steal them from you.

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