Do you have people?

In our fast paced world, we sometimes forget the importance of having access to people that work for US. Isn’t it a good feeling to be able to delegate important tasks that we are either too busy to handle, or feel uncomfortable handling to a trusted advisor?

As independent insurance agents, our top priority is to be available to our clients when they need us. The insurance companies we represent are limited as to providing guidance or answering certain questions without taking action. For instance, because of government regulation or other legal requirements, the insurance company may not be able to discuss options pertaining to filing a claim, without actually placing the claim.

When we make a decision to cut “our people”, such as buying insurance on line without an agent, we need to ask ourselves:
1. Does this choice really save me time?
2. Will this action better my situation in the long run?
3. Is eliminating my people (important resources) the best way to proceed?
4. Now that I’m in charge, who will watch my back?

As we get older and wiser, most of us realize that managing both our TIME and our MONEY can be a challenge. Maybe the best option is to meet with your insurance agent to review coverage and devise future strategies for better protecting your risks at the lowest cost to you.

So do yourself a favor and think long and hard before you remove an important local resource from your life. This way the next time you need help or are asking yourself, “Am I covered?,” you can say to yourself, “I have people, they work for me and I can give them a call.”

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