This blog was created to post insurance related information. For the most part this blog is a way for a low-tech. insurance agent (thats me) to provide insurance related information to consumers. My goal is to create a one stop (mostly Nevada specific) insurance information source. Most of the information is obtained from government and non-profit websites, so this information is directed towards educating the insurance consumer.

Philosophy: As a recently converted (about 3 years ago) independent (represent multiple insurance carriers) insurance agent, I have developed more of a risk management philosophy. From this viewpoint, purchasing an insurance policy is a strategic decision aimed at an individual or business (risk sharing arrangement with an insurance carrier). Many times this concept is lost because some insurance is mandatory, however, in most cases insurance policies are packaged to include additional coverages that can be customized (inexpensively) to meet your specific needs. Utilizing sound risk management strategies when purchasing and using (i.e. placing a claim) insurance policies may save an abundance of time and money in the long term.

About me: I am founder and president of Ardent Insurance Inc. We are an Independent, Trusted Choice insurance agency, located in Reno, Nevada (Caughlin Ranch area). I have been a licensed insurance agent in the state of Nevada for 20 years this September, I am also licensed in the states of California & Arizona. My formal education was obtained through the University of Nevada, Reno; B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing Major). To see our
company website please click here.

Kevin Brunson

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