The power of thought and the achievement of your fitness goals.

It was brought to my attention that I have not shared the mental side of getting and staying fit.

I learned the concept that thoughts are things decades ago. What you consistently think about both consciously and subconsciously determines your eventual accomplishments.

What I enjoy about running goals, is the speed in which you can achieve your goals. It’s 💯 percent up to you. You don’t have to persuade stakeholders (which may take time), like you do when accomplishing your professional goals.

If you want to increase your mileage. You start by running a little bit farther on your current runs. If you want to run faster, you start training faster.

Here are seven of my goal setting rules.

1. In the beginning don’t share your new goals with people that can’t help you accomplish them. Share your goals with like minded individuals (only) that will joyfully help you on your journey. An example would be current training partners.

2. Think about your new goal often.

3. Increase your goal in small increments, I like using 10 percent or less. It’s important you are successful, and this is a strategy may allow you to efficiently accomplish your next goal.

4. Actively think about your goal as you train.

5. Keep your new goal in front of you. My strategy is to utilize my work calendar. Make sure you can easily read your goal daily.

6. Reward yourself. Throughout the process of accomplishing your new goal, make sure you incrementally provide yourself with rewards. Also, thinking about what to reward yourself is an effective way to further integrate your goal into your daily routine.

7. Have fun! Hopefully fitness is a stress reliever for you, a time to be alone, or an opportunity to train with like minded people.

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