Let us help you obtain the best auto (car) insurance policy for you! 🙂


Please click on this link: Ardent Insurance. Thank you.

As an independent agency we can shop top rated insurance companies, that are stable and provide you with reliable claims service. Our agency is service oriented, and we work hard for our clients to find the best policies and coverage at competitive prices. Realistically if we cannot keep your business for an extended amount of years, your account will not be profitable. There is an upfront investment in time for us, that normally is not covered by the initial premium. It's the renewal premiums that make our mutual relationship profitable. Than is one of the many reasons why we do our best to keep all of our customers happy. 

If you have a good to excellent insurance score in the state of Nevada, we are the best personal insurance option for you. We have the policies and provide the service you need. Why try to be your own insurance agent by buying online, when you can delegate that function to us? We are here to serve and we are committed to your happiness.

Please fill out the contact card at the bottom of each page of our site, and we will reach out to you as quickly as possible. We really do not sell, because we offer policies from a variety of top notch insurance companies. So our goal is to keep you happy, so you keep your policies with our agency. We have happy customers, from 2005, still with our agency, because we offer good feedback.

We don't try and sell you products, such as life insurance, health insurance, and Medicare supplements. Our agency is 100% committed to providing personal consumer policies, such as automobile (car), recreation vehicles, homeowners (including renter's policies), and umbrella (also extended personal liability) policies. Many agencies will SELL you life insurance, because they obtain bigger bonuses and commissions. We stay in our lane and focus on the core products, so we have the resources to properly market and service automobile (car), recreational vehicle, homeowners, and umbrella policies.

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