The Running Insurance Agent

As I have evolved as an insurance agent, it has been apparent to me that you need a natural market. A specific community that you relate with personally. For me since October 1999, that community has been the running community.

As an consistent and avid runner it has become a lifestyle for me. When I read for pleasure my first impulse is to read about running.

Right know my main focus is the 13.1 mile race, commonly called a half marathon. I prefer 13.1 miles, because mentally and physically I'm competing in a full race. Not in half of one.

The race distance, is not really important, however, what is important is the bigger running community. This is all the people that embrace running as exercise, competition, recreation, and/or as a lifestyle.

For me the running industry and the insurance industry are both very important. That is why my natural market is the running community.

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