Auto Insurance Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental Reimbursement Coverage is designed for policy holders that cannot afford to lose the use of their vehicle(s), while it's being repaired. So if a policy holder does not have access to a vehicle when his or her vehicle is damaged due to a collision or comprehensive claim, this coverage is available.

A common coverage limit is $30/$900. This stands for $30 per day with a maximum of $900. Which means that the insurance company will pay for a rental car at the rate of $30.00 for up to 30 days. The lowest limits we typically see are $20/$600 and on the high end $50/$1500.

For policy holders that are dependent on their vehicles, rental reimbursement coverage is important. Typically the cost of $30/$900 is in the $30 dollar per six months range or $60 dollars a year. Which means for about $5.00 a month you can buy a coverage that can save you 100's of dollars.

Remember this coverage would only apply in the event of a collision/comprehensive claim. Issues such as mechanical breakdown would not be covered under rental car reimbursement coverage.

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