Reprint: Nevada's new DMV insurance requirement goes into effect Monday

By Steve Timko • • January 30, 2010

Beginning Monday, the state of Nevada will require people registering a vehicle at the Department of Motor Vehicles to present a card that proves they have car insurance.

Technically, people will be required to have proof Monday for vehicle registration renewals, reinstatements and license plate changes done on the Web or at a DMV kiosk, but problems getting software written has delayed implementation there until March 15, DMV spokesman Kevin Malone said.

The DMV's new Nevada LIVE program will capture insurance information at registration and instantly confirm it with insurance companies, the DMV said in a statement.

Done at a cost of $378,000, it replaces the old program of insurance companies reporting policy information on mailed data tapes or data cartridges, which led to delays in verification.

"We're going to get your policy information up front and validate it instantly," DMV Director Edgar Roberts said. "This will be a win for everyone ­-- except the uninsured motorist."

Kelly Block, 75, had an experience with an uninsured driver Dec. 1 at her southwest Reno home.

The driver of a BMW was trying to flee police and slammed into a 40-year-old tree in her yard.

The driver fled and was found three days later. Block called his insurance company, but they said his insurance expired the day before.

Block was only on the hook for the $250 deductible to clean up the mess, but said if others don't obey the law and carry insurance then law-abiding citizens like herself have less incentive to do so.

The Nevada DMV said Nevada LIVE, short for Nevada Liability Insurance Validation Electronically, also will be available to law enforcement and the courts to confirm car insurance is valid.

The DMV said the new system should ensure fewer drivers are uninsured.

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