What's new with Ardent Ins Inc - a Nevada Corp.

In the past I have used this blog to relay general information about the industry that may help the general public and clients alike. Today I am going to write about some products that we sell on an accommodation basis to our existing clients.

The first is term life insurance. We have the ability to find the lowest rates in the country for term life insurance and because we generally have additional lines of business, we can offer a level of service that online life insurance brokerages just cannot match.

We also offer financial related products for niche situations. We are NOT a stock brokers or financial planners. Their job is to make you rich. At Ardent Insurance we offer products that protect your assets, preserve your estate, and/or provide an income stream (guaranteed).

In addition we have a full line of permanent life products that have generous loan provisions (so you can borrow money from you policy) and we have permanent life products with long term care riders. The life with long term care riders allows you to protect income, create wealth, and protect against long term care expenses at a deep discount (compared to standalone long term care policies, which we also offer).

If you would like more information, please call 775-284-8200 or write kevin@ardentinsurance.com.

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